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About Local Knits

It all began in a small village in Lake Tahoe, nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We are a rider owned/operated brand that specializes in hand-made apparel & headwear. Inspired by the skate and snowboard community, Local knits was born.

Started out necessity along with the inherent need to create, the owner, Ethan, began knitting beanies for friends and family. We now offer many different goods but handmade beanies and snow gear will always be staples. We make awesome goods for skating, snowboarding, camping, exploring or anything weird your into!

All apparel is produced in-house. Our goods are produced in limited quantity and made to order!

Get your mitts on some while it’s available!

Maker/Owner: Ethan Rollins

Origin: Lake Tahoe, CA                                    


About the Shop

Lazy Eye Supply


Our studio is an experimentation in creating an intimate space where a balance is struck between the customer and maker. Our world today is so disconnected. We no longer know who or where the things that we engage with on an everyday basis come from. Our space is an attempt to bring this connection back to our customers.

Check out our Studio and Retail space!