Turtoise Bell Bucket Cap


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Here you have it, a one of a kind cap. Only one made, never to be duplicated, made just for you!

The Bell Bucket cap

This cap is our take on a classic style of bucket cap. This style of cap was popular during the 60s-70s then again in the 90s-00s. It resembles the very poplar ‘bucket hat’ with a fresh twist!


  • Bell Bucket 6 Panel construction
  • Handmade at our studio in Spokane WA
  • This cap is made using Upcycled Upholstery  fabrics!
  • Bill wrapped in one of following materials
    • Sensuede / Ultrasuede – one of the highest quality suede cloths available
    • Corduroy
    • Upholstery Leather/ Vinyl
    • Canvas
  • Many caps offer secret stash pockets… don’t tell mom.
  • Each cap has its own individual characteristics unique to the cap

Our One-of-a-Kind caps feature reclaimed “dead-stock” upholstery fabrics sourced from all over! A lot of the fabric we use comes from factory seconds, reupholsters and furniture makers that don’t have enough fabric left for a couch, but has just enough for your new favorite cap!

So cheers to you. Get weird. Make memories and don’t do anything we wouldn’t…


All one-of-kind caps are made 100% in house, from scratch at our shop Lazy Eye Supply, right here in Spokane WA.

Sizing fits most heads.

Each cap is going to vary a bit. Handmade goods, am I right? Enjoy!

Out of stock

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